Top Music Co | Services
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Our service department is key to making Top Music a leader in the coin-op amusement industry. Games for Homes is full service when it comes to the products we offer, and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We provide only the finest quality services to protect your investments. We also service machines we did not sell, so bring ‘em in! Our technicians possess over thirty years of experience in the game room field. Our services are divided into three areas:


State of the Art Equipment
In an ever-changing industry, rely on Top Music to remain current. You have someone with their ear to the ground to knowledgeably discuss the latest trends. Sometimes, maintaining the status quo is the surest way to profitability. Top Music’s experienced input will be an invaluable tool to developing your business.


24-Hour Service
Service technicians are available 24-7 to keep your business up and running. Friday night and a popular game stops working. No problem. A Top Music service technician is there to save your night.


League Play
Your slowest nights become good nights when you join Top Music Leagues. Our Dart League’s and Pool League have long been a great income earner for lounges in this area. Our leagues are being updated to provide a broader interest. Electronic Bowling and Golf leagues are currently generating a lot of interest among bar patrons.