Top Music’s Leagues are #1


Crane Machines, Claw Machines, & Skee Ball


Your slowest nights become great nights when you join and host Top Music leagues. Our leagues also promote money spent in your establishment, such as on crane machines (or claw machines), and skee ball machines. Top Music Co offers a chance for players to compete and have a good time with friends and other like-minded patrons. Support is offered through the league coordinator. Prizes, trophies and banquets further enhance the fun of league play. In addition, as a sanctioned league player, you can be afforded to compete on a national level! So get your crane machine, claw machine, and skee ball machines ready, your slow night is looking up!


National Dart Association

Check out our new and improved dart leagues. Fully sanctioned by National Dart Association, Top Music offers the only dart leagues in the area. Find out why this has been a favorite for so many of the area’s dart players.


Silver Strike Live

Silver Strike LIVE takes the online component to the next level. Players have the ability to track their stats and averages. New to Silver Strike is the ability for players to compete against one another in LIVE tournaments!


Valley Pool League

Top Music is proud to be the area member of the “Valley National Eight-Ball Association”. League membership includes a yearly trip to Las Vegas.